ライカはフィルムカメラの製造を打ち切るという噂が全世界的にあったが,そんなことはないと,Leica Fotographie International の最新刊(7/2010)のEditorial (p.4)にて否定している.
    EOS 500D+Meniscus 72mm F6.8 from Vest Pocket Kodak Camera

Dear Readers,

A rumor recently spread throughout the Leica world - a rumor that, if true, would mean the end of photogarphic era. Has Leica really stopped producing the M7 and the MP ? Looking at a markets today, it would hardly be surprising; but such a decision would, in Leica's case, have a special meaning. After all, who was responsible for establishing the 24 x 36mm format ? And what had customers come to expect on store shelves ? The answer is a 'Leica film'. It's true, that was a long time ago, but if the pioneer of 35mm phaotgraphy was really saying farewell to his tradition, surely it would be a cause for mourning. According to Leica, however, the rumor is untrue......

by neoribates | 2010-09-27 01:24 | EOS 500D | Comments(12)

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